GEO-PAK family of apps combine instruments for high-tech collaboration to
help you experience an ultimate outdoor adventure with your friends and family.

Hunting Adventure

Enhance your hunting adventure! With augmented reality, you get to see where your hunting friends are in real-time, including their direction and status. You can also plan your hunt in advance and once the hunt is over, analyze the stats.

GEO-PAK Hunt allows to make the experience safer and more organized – the app has everything you will need as a hunter.


Winter Sports Adventure

GEO-PAK Snow is a new ski and snowboard app with live group tracking on the mountain or backcountry that improves your adventure and safety on the snow. Using the Augmented Reality feature, hold up your smart device to see everyone’s position, distance, and direction in real-time.

Get a game plan for the slopes with the premier tracking application that enables high-tech GPS collaboration and real-time adventure like you’ve never had before.



Get ready for it

Organize buddies, mark the terrain and see what others marked to map out your day. Download the information onto your phone to use the apps offline.


Have fun!

Hunt, ski, snowboard, and enjoy real-time collaboration with your friends and family as you are having a great time out in nature.


Analyze your stats

Review the day, analyze runs & patterns, rate the action and share highlights. Go back and relive the high points, and relish the insights you’ll have for next time.

How does it work?

What can be better than to be able to share the experience and adventure with your friends and relatives? Be it hunting or skiing or snowboarding or other activities, collaboration is enhanced by high-tech tools like augmented reality, GPS navigation, and powerful analytical instruments.


It is available for all popular platforms

Check out the app store for your mobile phone platform and look for GEO-PAK apps family – GEO-PAK Snow and GEO-PAK Hunt (with more planned and coming!).

register & login

Create an account for adventure

Get started for free. Just register with your email or sign up through Facebook. You can start planning your adventure—or go premium and invite friends to collaborate right away.


Plan your activities and analyze your data

The journal of your moments and insights will always live on the GEO-PAK website. Grab ’em anytime to recap your day, share high points on Facebook and plan your next time out.

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